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Kike the World Champion42 meters

The 21st of February 1999 would be a very special day for "Kike" and his back-up team - how special they did not know, as they gathered for the team photo on the ice covering Bunnefjorden, just outside Oslo, Norway. (Click on graphics for a better view.)

Logistics and back-up team courtesy of Norges Yrkes- Dykkerskole. (Norwegian Commercial Diving School)

Team Kike
"Team Kike" (Photo: Kai Garseng / Dykking)

kikeonicesmall.jpg (8740 bytes)
(Photo: Kai Garseng / Dykking)

Left; Quiet contemplation as "Kike" prepares himself for the dive.

Right; "Kike" descending - on his way to a world record.

Descending into the abyss
Photo: Einar Schøyen

At 42 meters
Photo: Einar Schøyen

Left: "Kike" collecting the 42m marker.

Right; Finally, nearly there, the lungs screaming for air - but he feels no pain - he's done it - it's a world record!

Returning from the abyss
Photo: Einar Schøyen

Below; He's done it! Time to celebrate.

Back on the surface
(Photo: Kai Garseng / Dykking)

Time to celebrate
(Photo: Kai Garseng / Dykking)

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