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The extreme yet beautiful way of life which is free diving has generated a great interest in mass media all over the world - with numerous articles published in magazines and newspapers - and a number of documentaries made for both cinema and television. Free diving has become "big business" with the most successful divers traditionally coming from countries such as France, Italy, Spain, USA and Australia.

This kind of extreme free diving has also made scientists and physicians involvedResearch with diving medicine very curious about how the human body is able to reach such great depths without breaking down.

The scientists agree there is a connection between sea mammals and mankind. Today they are still carrying out research on free divers, trying to establish where the peak of human potential lays, and to find out where the limit - if any - might be.

In the end, every free diver who reaches World Record depths, is an essential and important part of human history, proving there is a link between the ocean realm and humans.

We have planned the following projects for the northern summer of 1999:

July: Film/photo documentary with "Kike" and wild dolphins in the Adriatic Sea. This project is in co-operation with a Croatian dolphin research station, and will also be covered by Croatian television.

He will, during this expedition, also attempt to break the current World Record in the "Constant Weight" category, using fins and mask only - with a descend/ascend line for reference. The current world record of 75 meters is held by Umberto Pelizzari of Italy. "Kikes" personal best - set in 1997 - is 63 meters.

August: Film/photo documentary with "Kike" free diving to the wreck of the famous German battleship "Blücher" which sunk in Oslofjord in 1940, and sits in a depth of water varying from 56 to 92 meters.Blücher
We are planning a lot of different types of diving, including traditional mixed gases. Three large, old Viking-ship replicas will be used as dive platform.

A "letter of intention" is currently being drawn up, and will be forwarded to the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Life buoyOur dive team consists of professional rescue divers, dive medics and doctors - as well as all relevant back-up systems and equipment required to take care of "Kike" in any kind of emergency situation. Manager and team leader is Steinar Flåtteng,Norsk Yrkes Dykkerskole a highly experienced commercial diver, who also played an import part in pioneering saturation diving on the oil fields of the North Sea during the 1970's. He is the proprietor of one of Norways most respected commercial dive training centres, NYDS (Norwegian Commercial Diving School), located just outside Oslo.

"Kike" is training 8 - 9 hour each day, which include swimming, aerobics, breathing techniques and yoga.

He is a very interesting, thoughtful young man, (born 1974), extremely fit and good looking - the perfect role model, not only for the younger generation, but for anybody valuing a healthy life style - commitment, determination - and a will to succeed.

"Team Kike" is currently seeking sponsors to help with the logistics involved with the above projects - as well as an exciting project planned for the year 2000 - which involves "Kike" free diving under the ice at the North Pole.

Companies and/or individuals looking for a different angle to promote themselves or their products/services, and interested in becoming involved with "Team Kike" and our exciting projects, should contact Steinar Flåtteng direct through

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